Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One more item off the list

The stent was removed today. The whole not eating for 6 hours thing was really not that bad for The Boy. The procedure itself was pretty simple, albeit a real leg-crosser for the gentlemen. They inserted a little tube into The Boy's penis. It had a camera and a grabby-thing at the end, and that's how they got the stent out. And no, the doctors did not say "grabby-thing" when describing the procedure. He was sedated for this procedure. Good thing too. He's already going to have nightmares about the double-catheter that happened during his first inpatient chemo admission.

His eyelashes are starting to come back in. I'm not so thrilled about that because I don't see them lasting; I rather envision him shedding little stubbly eyelashes every few weeks and hoping that they don't end up in his eyes. Eeek.

Mall-walking with Grandpa this afternoon, which was the primary activity used to pass the time until the hospital visit. We walked for quite awhile, then rested, then walked some more.

There was going to be a playdate with one of the mom's groups, but the host's kid was sick so she cancelled. Shame, too, because this is a good week for The Boy to socialize, what with having high counts and all.

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Elana Kahn said...

I'm glad the stent came out without any issues. I had no idea that his eyelashes fall out too. I learn something new every day! I just hope none of them do get in his eyes!!!