Saturday, January 31, 2009


The chemo cycle, as I have mentioned somewhat before, is fairly predictable. During the chemo hospital stay, and lasting anywhere from a few days to a week, The Boy doesn't feel as well. He may be fussy and likely less interested in eating. He may be more sensitive in terms of taste and texture. Ironically enough, his dose of Pepcid causes him to throw up sometimes (ironic because Pepcid is an acid-reducing medicine for the stomach). We give it very...gingerly, especially when he isn't feeling as well. But anyhow, he feels a little crappy for those days. As he starts to feel better from the actual chemo, his counts are still going down, so he is at risk for neutropenia and neutropenic fever, which means the hospital again...then after his counts come back, he's good for a few days or even a week before the next chemo.

Sometimes my moods are reflective of what The Boy is going he feels well, so do I. When he starts to feel the effects, it brings me down. When his hemoglobin or platelets are down, and he is tired, I am usually pretty tired too. As he starts to feel better, my mood improves. I was worried about yesterday and being by myself, but it was such a great day with him, and the fact that he was still feeling good, and walking too, made it even better. Today he didn't seem to have as much energy for walking.

But he will again soon.

On Monday, The Boy has his early intervention evaluation. I hope that he feels well enough for them to get an accurate assessment. Then again, he spends quite a bit of time feeling crappy, so it's not going to be inaccurate for them to see him that way.

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nancy said...

That makes sense, totally. I think my moods would mirror that of my child's feelings during such a fucking hard time. I know people say this all the time and of course you are doing just what you have to do - but you are such a great mom.