Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The new deal

Yesterday and today have been fine days. I have not been climbing-the-walls bored, nor have I been overwhelmed with too much. My approach to housework and cleaning has become "just do it now so you don't have to look at it later" and it works pretty well. The Boy has been a pleasure to be around, and it's really not that bad.

He had an appointment yesterday for bloodwork. I was preparing to ask them if I could go out grocery shopping and have them call me with the numbers, or if they needed The Boy to come back. As it turned out, because they didn't have me sign a certain form again, he could not have his blood analyzed at the hospital that week, and they had to send it out. Meaning that it wouldn't be ready that day anyway. It's still not ready today as of 11AM. The doctor is confident that his counts are fine, but since we didn't have numbers, they had me give Neupogen again today, just in case. I hate to waste the dose if it wasn't needed but if it was, it's crucial.

Today he had an ultrasound to determine his readiness for the stent removal. He's ready. The ultrasound was also fine. The bad news is that the only time that this can be done is at 5:00 PM. The procedure has to be done this week, so that he can have it done before his chemo this weekend. Yes, boys and girls, a procedure that requires sedation, at 5:00 PM. They said 6 hours of no food (which is better than 8, I guess) and he could have clear liquids until 3:00. Oooo goody! A hungry toddler all afternoon!!!

In other news, we're 3 for 3 in the napping department. He is napping in his bed. Not only that, but I left his room today while he was still awake, because he waved bye-bye at me. I figured that might have been my cue, and I was actually correct.


Sarah said...

wow, that is great he fell asleep all on his own in his bed!

Jennifer said...

Awesome on his naps in his bed! That's funny that he waved bye to you. It's like he's saying "okay Mom I got this!"

Good luck on the stint removal. I'd hate to have a hungry toddler that you aren't allowed to feed. That's got to be tough on you...and him!!