Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Travelin' Along...

This week I'm a little more tired. Every now and then I remember, "Oh yea, I'm pregnant" and feel that I may have some justification for needing some extra rest.

Yesterday, aside from driving down the street first thing in the morning to take my bass to the repair shop, I didn't leave the house. My mother left after having breakfast with The Boy and me. She took a cab, figuring that she'd spare The Boy the extra car ride, just in case he wasn't feeling well. I did some straightening things around the house, and The Boy had both of his naps in the easy chair, snuggled up with me.

We tried to have him sleep in his own bed on Sunday night, because he was still with the post-chemo toxicity and not so safe to be snuggled up with pregnant me. I could have slept in the bed with him if I were covered in padding, but the added issue of changing the diapers every two hours just made it too difficult. In retrospect, we should have had him sleep with Grandma that night and just take turns going in there to change him. She had chemo already, and even if she hadn't, she's done having kids. But that's neither here nor there. It was a rough night for all involved, trying so hard to get him to settle down and sleep in his bed. Most of the night, he was in the easy chair with Grandma anyway.

Last night, the bed thing was a relative success. We went into his room to play at 7:45. I put on his iPod and read to him a bit. I gave him his vitamin, brushed his teeth, and put him in his pajamas. I read to him some more, put him in the bed, and continued to read. I also tucked in the covers around him. He fell asleep at 8:15. He was up at 9:30, back to sleep for 20 minutes, and then I spent 20 minutes more in there, helping him go back to sleep.

2:45 AM he woke up because somehow he managed to get stuck halfway out of the bed. Back into the bed, a quick tuck and kiss, and he was fine.

5:45 AM, I hear some noises. He's out of bed and in the hallway. Just sitting there. I'm not sure if he sees me. I figure that at this point, it is close enough to morning that he can come into our bed and snuggle. This way, we can easily go back to sleep, which we do until 7:30.

I'm not sure how tonight will go--The Boy slept a bit in the car today, meaning that he didn't much feel like his afternoon nap until about 4:00. That was with us. And he's still sleeping. We had to wake him to give him his Neupogen shot at 5:00, but he snuggled back in pretty quickly. He is still sleeping, so I'm wondering if he'll actually want to go to bed on time.

I'm all for continuing to let him nap with us, and nap wherever, especially if we can get him to sleep in his bed consistently at night. Musical Daddy just lives for those naps with The Boy as well. We'll have to see how it goes with baby #2.

Today, The Boy and I did our mall-walk with Grandpa and stopped quickly at the grocery store. Among the items on the list were chips and dip, of course.

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