Friday, December 18, 2009

test-driving the new ER

Musical Daddy and The Boy left a little while ago because The Boy had a ridiculously high fever. As an added bonus, he threw up in the car as they were leaving on the brand new just-installed carseat. Not a big deal and not the worst thing that could happen, but still not fun. They switched cars and left me to clean up the mess. That also means that Meatball can't go anywhere until I can get the carseat cleaned or the cars switched.

Fortunately, everyone else is home now. I can go be with them or send someone else, either way they'll need food. Or, Daddy will need food anyway. Meatball, bless his little heart, is asleep. He was freaking out as we were getting out the door and I had to put him down. By the time I got to him, he had already fallen asleep.

So we'll see what happens THIS time around...

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Rebecca said...

I hope everything is ok! :(