Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And as for Mr. Meatball

He's had a cough for awhile, with some wheezing We took him to the doctor, who said it was a cold and mild bronchiolitis and to rinse and suction his nose. No biggie. He said that some little ones get the wheezing from a cold and said, "so there's a history of asthma in the family?" Thanks, dear.

Meatball weighed 18 lbs 13 oz in his diaper, so probably take off 3 oz for the diaper. They measured him at 27.5 inches.

I really liked the doctor. We're going to click in terms of caring for the kids. Also, I hear that he davens (prays) beautifully. He asked what Meatball was eating, and I said, breastmilk--what else would he eat? The doctor said, "nothing!" For the record, it wasn't intended as a slight against formula feeding--it was a question more like, "what would he eat? Steak? Pizza?"

No time to webchat with Musical Daddy--he has dinner out and then rehearsal.

Now, finally to clip some nails.

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Sarah R said...

Meatball is a big boy! :)