Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hem/Onc parents: know what would be really cool?

I thought of something yesterday. It would be really neat if every hem/onc patient's blood counts and other info were tracked online with a password-protected website, similar to the way that schools use online grading systems.

Sometimes we don't get counts back right away and have to wait, or in our rather fortunate case, the counts are done at home, but we don't get the results. Not only could we check results this way (or even have it email us when results are posted) but it might be helpful to be able to compare from one cycle to the next and have an easy reference for other things that happen.

Basically, what I am envisioning is an interface for all of this medical information...could even have a section for medications, recording blood pressures, and a way to generate relevant printouts to bring to other doctors or to give to school or caregivers.

Does this exist? I'd also imagine that some older kids might be interested in taking charge of their own medical information. If anyone has heard of something like what I'm envisioning, bounce it back to me.

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Musical Daddy said...

It does. Google Health. I've been uploading my peak flow meter readings from my asthma app for a couple of months. I'm not sure if the hospitals are tuned in yet, and I'm not sure if they'll automatically input the data; but the service is there. You can check mine out; I'll "share" it to you.