Monday, December 21, 2009

Efficiency at its finest

The Boy's oncologist said that what he would like to see this week is The Boy's issues to resolve, the biopsy to be done, and for us to be out at the end of the week. That means that as long as we are here, we just go do it. They will transfuse platelets as needed, but they really need this biopsy to get done.

So do we.

The Boy has been better overall. He has been off and on with the fever, and the breathing issues are still there. The heartrate is a bit high for him but not ridiculous. He ate and drank a bit too. Playing with blocks got him out of bed, and listening to the music therapist was fun.

We have consistently enjoyed the new hospital because it is a children's hospital, and they try to keep the family in mind with everything they do. The brand new facility doesn't hurt either.

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