Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today was our first official introduction of solid foods for Meatball. He is just short of 6 months, which is the age at which babies are supposed to be "clear" to start solid food, but he more than meets other criteria, such as the ability to sit unsupported and the ability to pick something up and put it in his mouth. Loss of the tongue thrust reflex as well, I'm assuming, although the fact that he is feeding himself means that it is left up to him.

I say "official" because on Thursday when I was eating a salad, he swiped a cucumber, and a few weeks ago he stole a carrot from my sister but was stopped before he could eat it.

He already knows how to handle a piece of steamed broccoli pretty well. He grabs hold of the thing and gums on it for awhile. If he gets little pieces in his mouth, he gnaws on those for awhile and spits out the parts he can't handle yet. Same goes for the cucumber.

At this point, he needs to be closely supervised, particularly in a restaurant high chair, but it's still a win over spoonfeeding and mush.

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Heather said...

I can't believe that he is already eating table food. Where has the time gone? He will be 1 before you know it.

I totally agree on the eating mush thing. YUCK! I was never the kind of parent that went by the books, but I did more so with my first. My second, however had baby food for about a week before she refused it and wanted table food. That is such a relief when they eat what you do!