Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The more things stay the same...


This time, for a room to be ready. The process of being seen for pre-admission was not long at all, but then, since a room wasn't ready, we have to sit around.

Nice thing is, we wait in the waiting area here that has kid shows on TV and toys.

It doesn't appear that they have juices, coffee, and snacks, like we had at the old treatment center. That's a drag. Grandma went down to get The Boy some noodles and juice. She forgot a straw, and it was a juice bottle. Juice on pants. Of course I did not pack pants for him because he was just going to wear hospital stuff.

So he is wearing Meatball's pants.

An update: they JUST got started cleaning the room. It will be another hour. We had asked about going home and they said not to. The nurse coordinator said that we should next time if the bed isn't ready.


Heather said...

Sorry about having to wait. It seems like you do that a lot.

Sarah R said...

Waiting sucks. I hope everything goes smoothly at the new hospital!