Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day Two--still looking good

We're still loving it here in the new hospital. Again, as much as you can love a hospital in the first place. New things that are great that I forgot to mention:

Meal tix for me, and they bring the food just like they do for The Boy. I can get a simple meal three times a day for free (anything over $5 costs money). They do it for me because I'm a nursing mom. I asked if it mattered that the patient isn't the one nursing, and they said that they do it for moms here all the time who have other babies. So not only is Meatball allowed here, they welcome us, in the interest of keeping our family together and not exposing Meatball to all kinds of other people.

Apparently, they will do count checks AT HOME. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, no schlepping to the clinic twice a week just for counts. I'm not sure how often we will be going to the clinic. Maybe once a week anyway, but no waiting around for counts. And even so, oncology has its own lab, so counts come back in under 10 minutes, ANC and all.

I do need to make a sign for the room reminding visitors to wash their hands. It seems as though the medical staff does it anyway. The sink and the Purell are in the atrium.

I met the new nephrologist, who knows the old nephrologist. I also met a physical therapist who said that she would be glad to provide services for him if he misses that which is provided by early intervention due to hospitalization. I met a dietitian, who was unconcerned about his diet and wanted to make sure that he was getting enough calories. She wanted to know if we were adding fatty things to his food to increase caloric intake. The way this kid powers through "dip" (Smart Balance non-dairy spread) with his noodles, I'm sure he gets enough. His weight has not been a concern. We wish he'd grow a bit taller.

Now, we're having a visit from the Eat N Park cookie!

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Sarah R said...

:) I am happy for you guys; that is particularly awesome that they are feeding the nursing mom. It sounds like they go out of their way to keep their patients and families happen, and that is great!