Saturday, December 5, 2009

Still frantic...but surviving

I've been trying to analyze why it is that things still seem so frantic. Here was my day today:

I woke up with Meatball at 8:30. Grandma had decided to take The Boy in with her all night and handle the diaper hell herself. I protested but she insisted. She told me that there were some poopy issues overnight and that I had some diapers to clean up. No problem--I had just received the brand new diaper sprayer in the mail and figured I'd install it, and then clean the diapers. My mother asked if we should call someone. I figured that if Musical Daddy could do it, I could do it too. I started by turning off the water into the toilet and realized that the toilet with which I was working was a million years old (no, not really) and that I was without the washer that I needed to make a decent seal. Off to Home Depot. While there, I figured I'd buy the washers and also buy a new part for the water intake, as the toilet had a really old pipe instead of a flexible tube. Got home and realized I had gotten the wrong size. Back to Home Depot. Meanwhile, the water wasn't quite shut off because the valve was also a million years old, so I couldn't tighten it properly. I got the thing installed correctly, or so I thought, but it was still leaking.

We called for help. In about an hour, we got it. The guy, who looked something like Charlie Daniels (think "Devil Went Down to Georgia"), tightened some stuff and it was all better.

Now I have a laundry basket full of REALLY heavy wet towels. That's next on the laundry list behind the chemo-toxic poopy diapers, towels, and bed pads. Oh, and puked-on Mickey PJ's. But that was from just now.

Anyhow, by the time we got all that resolved, it was nearly lunchtime. Mom had wanted us to go out, the two of us and Meatball, but I wanted to be sure that The Boy was taken care of before trying to leave him with my dad. We all sat down for lunch at this point. Then we had to be sure that The Boy's diaper was changed. And that Meatball was changed. We left the house after 1 PM.

For some reason, Meatball was really heavy in the Ergo carrier today. He probably belongs on my back, by weight, but is still pretty young for that. I don't know...maybe the other mommies who have Ergo carriers also have little babies. Usually I can wear him in the Ergo for a long time without a problem. We got some things, including a new diaper pail (garbage can with step-on capacity). We made a few stops, went to the pharmacy to get a prescription for The Boy, and then home. The prescription was free, by the way, as The Boy qualifies for medical assistance through the state regardless of income. Hey, that's why we pay our taxes.

By the time we got settled in at home, it was already just about time for dinner. We ate leftovers together, and then The Boy got a bath. Grandma played it just right, and this time he enjoyed his bath. She figured she'd just dress him in her room.

I barely had time to button the Mickey PJ's before he started throwing up. Pretty much all of the noodles and chicken and watermelon that he had eaten came right back up. Fortunately, I managed to catch it with the bed pad and the towel that my mother had tossed my way. Hence the laundry queue.

Right now I'm feeding Meatball, who just woke up from a long nap in the playpen. When he sleeps on his own, he now prefers to sleep on his stomach. He goes to bed on his own at night and for some of his naps, and the second I put him down, if he is awake, he turns right over.

I don't know how it all of a sudden got to be almost 7 PM. I'm glad I'm not alone, that I have my parents and my sister, although life will be MUCH better once Musical Daddy gets here.

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