Saturday, September 5, 2009

Soon enough

It seems as though the new thing for The Boy is for them to hydrate him for 12 hours after chemo. He was done yesterday and theoretically could have come home late last night, but staying over ended up being easier because then the nurse would take care of the diapers. You know, the every two hour stuff. Because it would be just my luck to have The Boy being changed on the odd numbers and Meatball waking to eat on the evens.

Mostly, it seemed to be an uneventful chemo stay. My mother was here until yesterday, and with her was a friend, who had been her roomie in college. She was great! She came to help and boy, did she. The thing she did the most was walk Meatball around the neighborhood multiple times a day. She said that when her kids were babies, she would wear out multiple strollers. Additionally, she helped with laundry and cleaning and allowed me the time to organize all the boys' clothing by taking Meatball out.

It was nice to have two experienced parents, in my mother and her friend, who are more or less on the same page as us. You know--babies need Mom's milk, babies need kisses, toddlers are not evil or bad when they display contrary behavior, and while sometimes we might not know it, there is always a reason why children are crying and something should be done to help, be it offering food/nursing on cue, giving hugs, or just going on a walk.

So with two of Grandma here, more or less, care of Meatball was easier, care of The Boy was easier, Daddy got a lot done on his thesis, and we even went on a dinner date!

Meatball is still getting used to his "new" tongue. I am still sore because I have not healed yet, but it is much better.

Tired...going to catch some zzzzz's before the rest of the family returns.

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Yay! It's awesome when grandma comes over, doesn't tell you you must change your parenting style, and helps with the babies and the house. It's such a great feeling when the house looks much better. It's the little things. BTW, great, kick-butt job with Meatball! 14lb, despite the fact you must be beyond sore! I remember those days and they're not days I want to go back to! I hope you heal soon.