Thursday, September 10, 2009

Long day of ????

Third full day, plus, with just me and the boys. I am liking the morning walk, particularly if it is followed by sleeping for Meatball, downstairs playing for The Boy, and practice time for me.

Today Musical Daddy left at 7:15 and returns after 10. He finally got his schedule for marching band, no hurry or anything, and Tuesdays and many Thursdays look just like this. Fun. Especially when I can't really go places. I am limited to the stroller walks, where I can guarantee that The Boy won't touch anything. I could try the grocery store if I have a very small order, and keep the children in the stroller. Perhaps if white counts are still low but other counts are ok and he doesn't need anything, we'll hit the supermarket after his blood draw. Heck, I might just do that anyway and make it something of a habit, so that I can get Meatball outta there for awhile.

The Boy fell asleep in my lap along with Meatball, who then woke right up. I was able to get out of the chair, with Meatball, and leave The Boy asleep. I'm going to wake him for dinner though. Actually I might have to wake him with Neupogen shot, because I have no one to help me.

I have to say, I definitely see how kids aged 1 and over can really benefit from a group child care experience. Where the one caring for the children isn't also trying to do household chores and other assorted stuff. My blog friend Nancy, who was working until recently, had always said that she loved coming home from work and just being Mommy, and she loved being Nancy at work.


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Sarah said...

This new pace has to be a huge change for you. For what it is worth, I think you being with the boys right now is very beneficial for them.

Can the boy help you with chores? On the days off that is just me and my 20mo, he puts the clean silverware away, he puts the towels away while I fold the laundry, sure, my drawers and closets are a disaster area- but we have fun and make the chores a game. (yeah, I am a working mom- but I have so little time at home with my long commute and my high sleep requirements- so I just feel better when I make the chore time to be a fun time/together time)