Saturday, September 5, 2009

Improving the eating

It is amazing how quickly the awesome eating habits can be undone by a party, leftovers, the hospital and associated hurrying (and more leftovers), and another party.

I had mentioned before that I liked how I felt while on the anti-thrush regime. While I don't wish to go that far necessarily, I want to take some more responsibility for my eating and not consume everything I see. I got an app for my iPod to keep track of food I eat. When you know you will be writing it down, you tend to be more careful.

I don't want to rush the weight loss process--I just want better.

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JC said...

I put everything in my mouth right now too. I'm hoping once she is off treatment I will have more self-control, but it is hard right now. Maybe I should try out the app.....Good luck!