Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Numbers Game

Tomorrow we'll check those platelets again. We would have otherwise been checking them on Thursday but in an effort to be out of the hospital for Yom Kippur, we'll try for Wednesday.

If we don't make it Wednesday then...I'm not sure if we'll try for Friday or if we'll just wait until after the holiday. If we wait until after the holiday, then we will likely get Grandma for most of the hospitalization. If not, and we do check in tomorrow, we get her only for Wednesday and Thursday, and in the morning on Friday.

Thanks in advance to my buddy from the mommy group who will be coming in tomorrow to help out, regardless of admission or not, because even if he isn't being admitted, he probably needs blood. Which takes awhile.

Seems like he gets a transfusion once a week. If you aren't giving blood, please do. Oh, and if you can come watch the kids so that I can give blood, that would also be cool.

Hm...I think that The Boy was about to fall asleep on the carpet.

This morning, I put a bag on The Boy to collect pee. Musical Daddy was about to leave the house, told me that The Boy had pooped and apologized for leaving me with it. I called for help. I felt bad about making him late (or on time, instead of early) but I needed help with this one. The pee bag was full and the poo was everywhere. I cleaned up The Boy and had Daddy take care of the diaper. Then I grabbed the pee bag. Can't get any poo on there, because that would contaminate the sample. It still spilled but in order to avoid contamination, I snipped the corner and poured it right into the cup. Mommy 1, Poopies 0.

I did offer him the option of peeing in a cup but of course he declined.

And just now, he removed his diaper, which was wet. I guess that's good.

Why am I pushing the potty training thing? I guess I just want him to be aware that there is the option considering that I know he can hold his pee for a long time. Not sure about the poo, especially since sometimes he gets nasty runs from medications or from what he eats or doesn't eat. Even so...I just want him to be able to pee in a cup.

He did earn 1 jellybean for sitting on the potty. Of course he was throwing a fit about it and I had put him on there but I wanted him to see that if he did sit there with no diaper, he would be rewarded.

We had a reasonably successful trip to Target this morning. Except for the part where I stupidly thought that The Boy could walk with me. He decided that he wanted to sit down and fitfitfit in the middle of the parking lot. Little pain. Next time, no free walking unless I have the cart or stroller right there for easy conveyance, as I generally wear Meatball in the sling or, now, in the Ergo.

Hooray, by the way, that the ErgoBaby carrier works for Meatball now! The recommendation is really 4-6 months to start them in it but he is 16 pounds, which is above the lower limit for weight, and he will sit in there comfortably. And often fall asleep. I can sometimes nurse him in there but not any more easily than anything else. I just don't think that the hands-free nursing is really going to work for me while Meatball is an infant. Disappointing.

I hear a screaming Meatball...gotta run...

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