Wednesday, September 30, 2009

As usual

Blood today. What else is new?

We had a few intense moments just now of both children crying. Now, both are sleeping. Meatball is strapped into the Ergo carrier and asleep on me; The Boy is next to me, holding my arm.

Never a blankie, this one. He loves people.

We missed the La Leche League picnic. I was hoping that he would be fine but no such luck. A whole week since his last blood transfusion. Maybe he will be okay on Friday. He seemed so healthy yesterday. With healthy being relative.

I did not yet ask what his white count is. I am hoping to take the boys to some marching band in Saturday. I have not yet seen Musical Daddy's band, and I am curious.

Tomorrow, I'm not sure yet what we will be doing. Tonight, however, I am excited about cooking a nice piece of salmon. The Boy likes it out of the can, so hopefully he will like it fresh.

I'm going to check my eyelids for holes.

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