Monday, September 7, 2009

Pillow Talk

Here is The Boy's bedtime routine, which seems to be working, at least kinda..

Teeth. Jammies/night diaper. In bed. Read 2 books. Turn off the light. Talk about our day. Sing polecats and lullabies.

The only thing missing is being able to leave with him being awake, but he was asleep by the end of the last song (there are 6, and they are short).

Meatball...well, he is another matter. In the evening, when he seems tired and it is soon enough after a feeding, I put him in pajamas, turn on his lullabies, and put him in bed. Frequently he doesn't cry, although he did a bit tonight. We have a "just a few minutes" policy with him, although he really does scream bloody murder over nothing.

While I am not so into "cry it out" per se, I wonder if maybe Meatball has a bit of "it" to cry about for a bit at night. He certainly gets the love and snuggles and attention all day and at night when he needs to eat, and I don't think he finds sleeping in his little bed to be so objectionable. He just complains on general principle.

And he has been in bed asleep since a bit after 7. I got to do the bedtime thing with The Boy with no problem.

Well, except that the first part went teeth, jammies, Boy wants a rice cake, teeth again, THEN the rest of the bedtime stuff.

Now we are watching Entourage. Laundry is all done, kitchen is good, diaper bag packed for tomorrow.

Big day--Musical Daddy goes back to work tomorrow. This is the Big Show. I can do it...

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Sarah R said...

Sounds like you have a nice routine there.

I think with Baby #2 I am going to be a little more relaxed, as in--work harder to get him/her to go ini his/her bassinet or crib slightly awake. I didn't do that with Andrew until he was much older, and while it worked out fine, I think a lot of his issues he has now might be because he was/is SO attachment parented to me. We'll see. ;)