Friday, September 4, 2009


So here we are, waiting for the tongue tie procedure.

On Monday, when we first learned of it, one of The Boy's nurses saw the baby and said, "he's such a big meatball!" So now, instead of Tiny Guy or Baby Bear, I think my new blog name for my 2nd son is Meatball. We'll see if it sticks.

Meatball had his 2 month checkup and shots. He did not yet get the rotavirus vax because the doc was worried about a live virus and The Boy. He is 14 pounds 4.5 ounces and 24 inches tall. 75th percentile in height and 90th in weight. Again--meatball.


Sarah said...

you definatly cant call that chunky monkey tiny guy! I like meatball. hope the nursing goes much more smoothly now.

JC said...

love the new nickname! I've got a mogo noodle myself. :p