Friday, September 11, 2009

Seriously, why? A car story.

My feeling about the boys being easy to manage when they are in the stroller gave me the idea to go to the grocery store right after The Boy had his finger stick. That way, less waiting, less chasing, and a better chance for Meatball to catch some zzzzzz's. What happened instead was the car not starting. Yes, the minivan we just bought. Click click click.

I called AAA and also tried the dealer, thinking that they screwed us, but I must have dialed the "we're just going to keep bouncing your call and not actually going to say more than a sentence to you." heck with that. AAA operator says that the hospital will only meet drivers at the main entrance, where I wasn't. I was in the east lot. With two small kids. I took the stroller to the main lobby and resorted to playing an Elmo movie on the iPod so that The Boy, being without white cells, would not run around the place. Remember that hospitals have sick people in them. I waited and waited...finally I called AAA and they said that they were there and waiting and left a message on my phone. Which doesn't work in that part of the hospital. At this point I was ready to flip a fit, Boy-style, but being a grownup I went to talk to a security guard. Makes me really glad that I know all of them.

He called another guy, located the AAA guy, and I told him where to go. He was annoyed on my behalf at the hospital policy. I walked the kids back to the center, where the nurses had agreed to watch them. Fortunately it was a slow day. They also asked me if they could access his port while I was gone, to which I agreed because The Boy is SO good about all the medical stuff. No issue; didn't even cry! Grandpa arrived around this time and watched my car as it had to run for awhile. Then he watched The Boy while the platelets ran and I took Meatball to the grocery store. To buy meat. Mmmmmm--meat.

Snaps to Grandpa for his timing.

Home before 3. Major bum rash for The Boy. Probably poo in his sleep. The worst. Hard to prevent that.

I made a tasty dinner. The Boy started napping right before it, which means he will be up late. Grumble.

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