Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back to it

I arrived at the hospital a bit after 11 to resume primary caregiver responsibility. I may or may not really be feeling well enough but the Advil helps the fever and the antibiotic is, hopefully, doing its job. I am recovering well enough from the boobie flu. Mastitis, really. Which is not contagious. And not swine flu.

So. The Boy ate a nice amount of chicken from my lunch and then got mad when there was none left. Being that it was almost lunchtime, I thought that his food would arrive soon and he'd have more chicken. They forgot his tray. Naturally, by the time it arrived, he was over wanting chicken, had moved onto challah and honey, and didn't even touch the rice, much less anything else on the tray. We'll save it for later.

We have great helpers today. A friend from choir came in the morning, and my friend who was with us on Wednesday is here again for a few hours. At 2 or so, a friend from my shul is coming. Then in the evening, the music director and music librarian from St. Peters are going to be here. All lovely people.

We are watching Winnie The Pooh. Meatball is out on a walk with my friend. Daddy should be here around 3.

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