Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dagnabit, I want my spiritual healing!

Consider this my New Year's post.

The Boy did not make it out in time for Kol Nidrei. The doctor was prepared to let him take his last two Mesna doses orally, but insurance doesn't cover it. Major downer.

So I brought Meatball to shul. I went early so I'd have time to settle him down. He did. I was determined to be there for at least some of the service. For awhile anyway. I got to hear Kol Nidrei and get through to Shema, but then he was up, so I fed him.

I should mention that I tried to feed him before the service but he would have none of it. So when he is fussy and refusing to feed, he generally needs a short rest and will eat nicely after that. Generally the short rest can be brought on by a walk. He ges as many of those as we can give him.

I missed Yom Kippur the past two years for reasons relating to The Boy. When he was 3 weeks old, I spent Kol Nidrei in the emergency room with him. Last year, we were in the hospital, having been admitted for fever, back when we thought hospital stays were a big deal. And, more to the point, before we knew that the hospital would become our second home , like it or not.

I wish I could spend a little more time in shul. It just isn't a good idea to bring The Boy unless he is healthy.

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