Monday, September 14, 2009

More on the bedtime wars

This post makes no sense without the previous one, so read that one first.

Musical Daddy and I were quite frustrated by last night's proceedings. I even closed the door, and relented at his suggestion. The gate is fine. In my frustration I started to complain about The Boy's behavior in general, and that since I would like to assume that he will make it out okay after all this cancer stuff, I would rather not have a spoiled kid who doesn't know how to listen. Really, he is just a two year old. I need to reread Love and Logic to remind myself of ways to deal with his two-ness. But anyhow, Musical Daddy suggested that I talk to the social worker at the center this morning, which is what I did.

As far as the bedtime thing, she says that we are fine, particularly since he really doesn't get hysterical. She also thinks that our approach, which does include calming him a bit before putting him back in bed, is very appropriate for him. The nurse also added, and the social worker agreed, that we need to be consistent. We, the parents, need to stick to the same plan.

I feel better about this now, going through this when he is really at an age to understand the process and also to receive the praise for doing well. When he was younger, it would have been hours of hysterical crying, not the complaining that he currently does.

But he is ready. I know he is.

Potty training will be our next heartache. This kid is stubborn, tell ya what. 2 hours with no pants and ge didn't go at all.

Peeing on the floor would be an improvement.


JC said...

Hope things get easier and he will stay in his bed all night. Summer does pretty good, but around 6:00 she sometimes comes to our bed. Before cancer, that never happened, but it is what it is. Hang in there! You are a great mom. Keep the consistency up. I agree with the others that children need it to really know their boundaries and what is expected of them behavior-wise.

Jennifer said...

I could say that Abby does pretty good most nights about going to bed once she knew that I (and it was me not DH) wasn't going to go back in there to stay. I'll go in there if she's crying more than the normal couple min. and soothe her and put her back to bed, but she knows I won't let her stay out.

Of course, she is still in a crib. I'm very scared of the toddler bed idea. I think I'll leave her in the crib as long as I can. :)