Sunday, September 27, 2009

No take-out for this one...

As comfy as I am nursing in public, Meatball just doesn't like to nurse in other locations! He likes the easy chair and the bed. Anything else is a struggle. Difficult, when we spend so much time at the hospital. Not surprisingly, Friday's restful day found him rarely fussy until the very end of the day. At the hospital, he is taken on at least three walks just to get him out and calm him down. After he really hadn't eaten enough, and then he comes back asleep. No wonder I got mastitis.

He is going to have to adjust.

And soon because it drives me bananas.

This child is determined to make me work like mad just to nurse him.

I get it--somehow being an advocate for human milk means that I need to be punished. But isn't it enough?

Come on, what next?

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