Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big day today

Lots of stuff...met the movers to get the piano; came back to the house and watched them move it in. The Boy was excited!

Walked to CVS and the cleaners, to pick up things for Musical Daddy.

Tried napping, or rather, tried getting The Boy to nap. He watched TV quietly. Slept a bit.

PT wasn't great today, since he had no nap. We ate too. Musical Daddy was home for lunch.

Tried the nap again. Kinda.

We went to pick up the violin, and since both boys were asleep, I drove around the long way to end up at Musical Daddy's rehearsal. We had to stop for a quick feeding for Meatball.

The Boy had a good time running around and listening to the counting. Drill rehearsal isn't fun, but he was still into it.

When we got home, he had chicken. And apples and honey. And chicken and honey...

After dinner, we played with the violin for the first time. He was thrilled! Needs to learn to be gentle, but unlike with most toddlers, I feel as though I can teach him that, as he is still a pretty gentle kid.

In other news, he did tell me that he had gone poo today. I offered him a jellybean to sit on the potty after his bath. He was slightly interested, but no dice.

We shall see about bed tonight.

Meatball was pretty pleasant and cooperative all day, and not much else to say about him other than he is cute.

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