Friday, August 22, 2008

tried it, liked it, but couldn't get enough

That's sleep, ladies and gentlemen.

It's the night post-chemo and that means Diaper Doom for all! My mother is even here and for some reason she rather enjoys being up with The Boy in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, no matter what, I can't sleep if The Boy can't sleep. And sometimes, he needs milk. Or more milk. And I won't get sucked into the line of thinking that it's a "bad habit" to offer milk whenever a baby is upset, because if they don't want it or something else is wrong, they just won't take it. If they do want it, it makes everything all better. Let me tell you--there isn't a darned thing in the universe that truly does that to the extent that mama milk does, in terms of fixing all better. Anything else that is touted as such may have some sort of nasty side effect.

What's my excuse now, though? Musical Daddy, my mother, and The Boy are all fast asleep. Maybe it's a bit of the mom-as-martyr thing...but I really WANT to be sleeping. I don't want to spend tomorrow drinking iced tea (coffee makes me ill) and stumbling around all day without the bulk of my IQ points.

It was a pretty good day for The Boy even though it was chemo day. I went to the airport to get my mother while Musical Daddy and The Boy rode the van to the center. We met them as they arrived and The Boy was quite happy to see Grandma. The time at the center was rather long, as was to be expected, since he was getting one of the other medications that he was supposed to get last week. In order to receive this medication, the complete blood counts and differential have to be at a certain level and they have to wait for the results before they even order the medication. Last week, he didn't get it because his blood counts were low. This week they were back up as they should have been.

The Boy napped with Daddy during our visit, which was probably nice for both of them.

After we came home, The Boy spend quite a bit of time playing and traversing the house. Musical Daddy took him to the comic book store (even though they had gone yesterday, the books just hadn't come in for some reason) and he fell asleep on the walk. Then dinner, some more playing, and in bed.

Getting him to start the night in the crib has become much easier, for which I am grateful. In thinking about the concept of sleep-training, of any type, it is important to remember that the goal is not so much to train the child that the parents just won't come but rather to allow him to recognize that the crib is both safe and comfortable.

So explain to me what The Boy is doing sleeping on Grandma in the easy chair...?

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