Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's The Vampires!

I donated blood today. The bloodmobile was parked right near the Farmer's Market, our regular Saturday stop (they only have the Farmer's Market in our town on Saturdays) and I hadn't donated in a REALLY long time. The Boy needed blood during his surgery and may need a transfusion at some point during the chemotherapy process, so I figured that it was the least I could do.

I had given blood previously and had had no problems, so I didn't expect any today. I have pale skin and visible veins, but apparently my visible veins are thin. They found a possibility a bit off-center but hesitated to stick me until they were sure that it would flow...had I not been talking about The Boy and his situation, they probably wouldn't have bothered. Two people who had been hooked up later than me finished before me, and I didn't even fill the entire bag (but apparently I gave them enough so that they could use the blood). But I did it and I'll do my best to do it again once I'm eligible.

My father donates regularly; the blood bank in Pittsburgh calls him every 56 days. We joked that he gets phone calls from the vampires.

The Boy just bit Musical Daddy on the nose. More precisely, he slimed all over it. Ew.


Janet said...

Can you donate blood when you're breastfeeding? I never looked into it, I just assumed that it would be frowned upon.

I was kicked of the donor list back in university, because my blood set off their HIV sensors. It wasn't positive, but it wasn't a clear negative, either. I had to be tested, and the real test came back negative (after a scary 4-week wait), so I figure it was just a glitch. But all the same, I got a letter from the blood donor people saying "thanks, but no thanks." I appreciate that they need to be careful, but I still feel bad that I can't donate any more.

I console myself with the knowledge that I'm AB+ (universal recipient), so my blood's not all that useful. Anyone who can receive my blood can also receive any ol' blood!

the mol said...

Well, they didn't ask about my breastfeeding and since I drank lots of fluid and ate well, it wasn't a big deal.

That's very strange that you'd get kicked off the donor list (and scary too)!

Being O+, I can donate to anyone who also is Rh+.