Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coming up on Week 6

Any treatment week that is a multiple of 3 is one in which The Boy receives 2 medications and will receive a Zofran IV as a precursor. So this week it's week 6. Not a red diaper week, at least. We'll be there a little longer; if The Boy starts to get sleepy, he and I might go into the quiet room and snuggle up for a nap.

I love naps with The Boy.

I failed to nap today, as per usual, although I usually nap post-treatment with The Boy and Musical Daddy. Something about the whole process makes me all sleepy.

Not sure if I mentioned it, but looking at The Boy's calendar, after week 10 he will only receive actual chemo meds on the "multiple of 3" weeks. That means that recovery from Diaper Doom is a lot easier.

Today was a dull day. I didn't leave the property (I left the house only to get something out of the car and to take diapers off the line) because it was just that kind of day. Tomorrow I'll exercise first thing in the morning and make breakfast for The Boy and Musical Daddy.

I did get an "exciting" email thanking me for my recent blood donation and informing me that my cholesterol was 153. Seeing as how it was 203 in 2004 (no, I don't know why), that's pretty darned good.

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