Thursday, August 14, 2008

Low Counts Today

One of today's chemotherapy meds was dependent on his white counts being 1,000 or higher, and they were not, so The Boy did not get his Actinomycin-D. He'll get it next week, assuming that his counts are high enough.

So it was a fairly long stay at the center this week, and will be a fairly long stay next week as well because he will (hopefully) actually get the AMD this next time. Unless he continues to have low counts, he'll still have the CT scan as scheduled.

With lower white cell counts, it means that he may be more prone to infection (although the doctor did not indicate that we need to restrict his activities). Unfortunately, we have a kid who likes to crawl around and put stuff in his mouth. And he has an amazing pincer grasp (thank you, BLW). Fortunately, he is more likely to go for things that are (or were) food...but if I missed a green pea from yesterday's lunch in my cleanup efforts, I'd really rather that the immunocompromized baby NOT eat it because I can't imagine that sitting on the floor improves the quality and nutritional value of the vegetable.

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