Saturday, August 16, 2008 the park...

I'm stuck on our chair with The Boy sleeping on me. He hasn't done this, at least not in this position for this long, in ages. His head is over my heart.

Now he just moved into a more typical position, resting his head in the crook of my elbow.

It is lovely and peaceful to be stuck with a baby on you although you can't get much done. I wanted to do laundry, which I started. I also had intended to bake a blueberry pie. Then The Boy managed to whack himself in the mouth with one of his toys, causing him to bite his tongue as well. This when I was going to say that he had had a better day.

Really, though, it was a better day today. We did our normal thing this morning of going to the diner and then to the farmer's market. Following that expedition, I exercised while the men of the house napped.

We bought a new easy chair today; we had to visit 2 stores in order to get it, plus another store to get bungee cords to tie my trunk closed. Surprisingly enough, because Musical Daddy took it out of the box and it was in 2 pieces, it fit pretty well in my car. It helps that Musical Daddy is strong as heck and thinks nothing of lifting large pieces of furniture. The chair is still sitting in the garage because I had applied a nice coat of Scotch Gard earlier today. We'll start using it tomorrow.

In other news, The Boy really enjoys corn on the cob! He knows exactly what to do with it, too. He wasn't all that interested in breakfast, but lunch and dinner were moderately successful for him, so I'm happy.

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