Friday, August 15, 2008

More grumping

The late morning was not so bad for The Boy but during the afternoon and the late evening we had several hysterical episodes. I called the treatment center and the nurse said that it could be jaw or leg pain. We are to take his temperature whenever we feel that he is in pain, and if he has a fever, it may be infection. If not, Tylenol is okay to help take the edge off the pain.

These little moments of misery seem to take a lot out of him, and us.

So far his appetite has been pretty good. He enjoyed his dinner quite a bit and even demonstrated that he can wave "hi" to us. Very cool!

Tomorrow, we'll do our normal summer weekend thing, where we walk to the diner for breakfast and go to the farmer's market in town. We wanted to go to services this evening but The Boy was sleeping for quite awhile...and quite honestly, I just couldn't handle it. We lit candles, blessed wine, and blessed The Boy.

He needs it.

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