Sunday, August 24, 2008


For awhile, I've noticed that The Boy has been particularly attached to me. Which makes sense--I'm his mother. I know that mommies are just special to their babies. It's the sort of unconditional love that everyone talks about.

That said, it sometimes makes things difficult. If I'm in the house, most of the time The Boy won't have much to do with anyone else. I can no longer speak while I am doing my hair in the bathroom because then The Boy will cry at the door.

And forget about anyone else putting him in his bed. He occasionally will go to bed in his own crib with my help. We started getting it right and then chemo, coupled with Grandma's visit, has messed it up pretty thoroughly. But after 30 seconds of rocking in the chair in his room with Dad, Dad calls me in claiming that The Boy wants me and will stand for nothing less.

As a nursing mom I think that the Mommy attachment is multiplied. I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's tough being Number One and sometimes I wonder if I'm up to the challenge. And other times I wish that I didn't get so many people's advice because ultimately I know what I'm doing.


Musical Daddy said...


There's a big difference between his "I'm tired and don't want to sleep by myself" cries, which I know very well, and his "if I don't get my Mommy I'm going to flip out" cries.


the mol said...

Just because you claim it doesn't mean that it isn't true!