Monday, August 4, 2008

I've had better.

This weekend was a little rough. The Boy was a total cranky-pants on Saturday and only somewhat better on Sunday. Today he is in better spirits but he's still not himself.

He's also still not eating much. He has had mostly liquid poo. You cared. So I shared. He's been nursing like he did as a much younger baby--about every 3 hours. Not like he was immediately post-surgery which was...ALL the time.

We continue to offer him food although his diet somewhat resembles mine during the earlier part of my pregnancy with him. I didn't get very sick at all, but I had an aversion to meat most of the time, except for chicken fingers and meatballs. Hm...maybe he'll eat meatballs. It's worth a shot. I didn't think that the tomato sauce would be too good for him, considering his reflux, but if he eats meatballs, then that's a good thing.

And, at least he's nursing. I don't know what we'd do if he weren't.


Jennifer said...

Thank goodness for nursing!! Another reason why women should do all they can to breastfeed. You never know how important it could be.

Musical Daddy said...

OMG - I couldn't imagine what it would have been like, over the last month, if we had to try to get him to drink formula and/or more food. I swear - he'd be down to about 10 pounds by now. >shudder<