Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh Philadelphia Freedom, Shine on Me

I confess, I had to look that up because I'm letting Musical Daddy have the "Sailing to Philadelphia" line but I definitely thought of that one as well.

So here's the new story:

We're going to Philadelphia for The Boy's surgery. We just learned this today, that our surgeon called this other surgeon who is the best. And who are we to argue, when our boy is getting the best?


Velvet said...

Great news that the little one's getting the very best in terms of medical treatment - that must bring at least a little relief at such a trying time.

My very best wishes for the upcoming surgery. I hope he recovers as well and as happily as last time, and is eating and nursing just as soon.

Gill xx

Musical Daddy said...


I believe that I was the one that started singing / whistling that first, even if I had forgotten the words. That - by Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #32 ("Possession is ownership") - means that it's my idea.

...and you can't prove otherwise.