Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stay awake, don't rest your head...

Tonight was about 10 minutes from initial crib entry until sleepiness. But it was one of those irritating progressions wherein he was SO close to sleeping and would be asleep...and then cry again. I'm still at the point where I am willingly patting him or putting my hand on his back to calm him down. Not that I'd ever do such things unwillingly--I love to give my child the affection and attention that he needs. But he still needs the extra coaxing.

He just woke up again; I'm figuring that since last night he had a really full nursing at 8:00, he didn't get up again until 1. But this evening he didn't nurse at the same times so he was up again...? Don't know. He nursed and then needed about 30 seconds of comforting to get back to sleep. Next time he gets up, which could be anywhere from 1 to 6, I should be in bed and I'll just scoop him up and bring him in bed with us.

The biggest reason why I'm not looking to stop having him in bed with us at least a little bit? We get extra sleep. He will wake up WAY too early and we have to get out of bed and fetch his little behind...but if he's in bed with us and gets hungry for some milk at 5:30, he gets his milk and rolls over and goes back to sleep. Of course once school starts, 5:30 will be sleeping in for me.

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