Friday, August 15, 2008

They say misery loves company....

The Boy was probably as miserable as I'd ever seen him last night, at least since his hospital stay. He has been unreasonably cranky and sad, and even after nursing would still cry...not necessarily the "I'm still hungry; make with the milk" cry but the mad-at-the-world sort of thing. It was helpful to me that Musical Daddy took him for most of the night--poor guy just couldn't sleep--and now I'm returning the favor.

Right now The Boy is snuggled in my lap in the chair. I changed his diaper 20 minutes early so that I wouldn't have to wake him up (potentially) to do it again until the next time he wakes up miserable.

This probably speaks to how well he's handled everything otherwise (and perhaps props to Grandma as well, who sailed through her chemotherapy and believes that The Boy will do the same), but the first thing I thought of with regards to this newfound misery was teething, not chemo. Something else must be causing this because chemo has been pretty easy so far.

He nursed reluctantly last night when he did...he'd latch, then cough a bit, and then latch again and draw his milk slowly. I had Musical Daddy administer some Zofran after he flat-out refused milk at 12:00.

I may be wrong; I'll check sometime today to see if The Boy is sprouting some molars. Also may explain the low counts; I'll obviously check this weird science out with someone who knows better but teething does render babies more prone to fever and infection.

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