Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For turnarounds

5 AM. Really.

This time change is really screwing with us. I don't care what the rest of you all say--I'll take Spring Forward any day when it comes to my kids. They might actually sleep in the extra hour, and yet still allow everyone enough to get ready for school and work, because it's still plenty early.

I lost my ever-loving mind, and my short little temper, with Meatball at a little after 5 AM. Musical Daddy was there to bail me out, as we usually do for one another, but I just felt miserable. And of course I couldn't go back to sleep, and of course The Boy was awake as well.

Asleep on my feet, I trudged downstairs for some breakfast. I felt so bad for Musical Daddy, who still has not recovered from whatever illness had been plaguing him, and yet I had to get mad at Meatball instead of just letting him sleep and taking care of things properly. Bless their hearts, neither Meatball nor Musical Daddy were upset with me. Both forgave me and had hugs and affection anyway.

I brought the bigger boys to school. I was told that my boys are lovely, and I didn't do the nasty thing that so many parents do, which is to deny it, or say something like "are you sure you're talking about the right kids, because they're monsters at home." When someone compliments my children, I am thrilled because I know that they're getting their grumpies out at home and not bringing their issues out in public. Well...not bringing them out except when I'm with them because fighting Mom is sport around here. Point being, I'm always thrilled to hear nice things about my children. Particularly when, thanks to them, I'm in a sleepy fog and not in a great mood. It helps turn things around when someone says something nice.

I guess that's what I was thankful for today--the clarity that I possess to be able to take a compliment, and the sense to be able to turn things around instead of letting an early morning wakeup ruin my whole day. I was also reminded of how lucky I was to have the support people that I have, in this family, but each of those people will get their own day and their own entry.


"S" said...

We've had 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. starts to our days lately. Ugh. I hear ya!

Anonymous said...

2 keys to getting over these transitions quickly:
- black out blinds in the kids bedrooms
- let them stay up an extra hour or 2 the night of the transition.