Monday, November 14, 2011

For chaos, supported

I have 3 days, not just one, because I just missed this weekend.

On Friday, I left after dinner with Ender to travel to Michigan for the wedding of a longtime friend. Musical Daddy was under the weather and, given his respiratory issues, 5 hours in the car followed by a night or two in a dry hotel room wasn't going to work.

Saturday's "I am thankful " is easy. I'm thankful to have this friend in my life, thankful that he married a wonderful person, and also thankful for the opportunity to have a great time with other friends. Instead of spending the time dancing at the wedding ( even though they did the couple dance and the dance with their parents), they had us playing trivia.

And we would have won if some of my teammates hadn't thought to do math without being able to add, instead of just going hard or going home, risking all the points. Not the purpose though..
it was much more important to have sat at the table with friends and even to be able to pick on these guys for their mathematical ineptitude.

There was much Michigan football and marching band geekery. A good time was had by all,

Sunday morning was a true return to normalcy. Both Musical Daddy and my mother were feeling better. I went to work teaching religious school. The boys did a lot of playing. And the mountain of laundry threatened once again to overtake us.

When I got home, my youngest sister was there, and no one had eaten. And they wanted to. To steal a phrase from another friend, it was time for Macgyver lunch.

Then to the laundry. And, later, to a lesson. Musical Daddy asked how I was feeling, and I said I was a little overwhelmed but not feeling upset about it, because I have supportive people who, if I said switch kids with me so I can sing naptime songs to Meatball, or if I told Musical Daddy to change our sheets, or bring a basket up, it would get done without a fuss, particularly since when the job is "right now" that's when it happens, and if it's "not yet but before naptime" or "after the game is over" then that's when it gets done.

For Sunday, I am thankful that cooperation and a sense of being on the same side underscores our day-to-day life in this household.

Today was a big letdown, but I'm actually glad that I've been doing this exercise so that I am forced to look on the bright side.

I applied for a teaching job. I was recommended by multiple people in the district. I didn't make it past the first round.

They didn't tell me either-- I had to hear it from one of the teachers. Such is life. I've been subbing there and I guess I will continue to do so, since it's not those teachers' fault. In fact I think I remember what I said that caused them not to pick me.

But even so, I am thankful for the knowledge that things will work out. Eventually. Even if it feels like constant disappointment. Or maybe I should cut my losses and just be thankful to have had the teaching experiences that I did have, back in NJ. I was very fortunate, and if that never comes my way again, then (to use a cheesy coffee cup quote) I won't cry because it's over; I'll smile because it happened.

And besides--Ender has been doing a great job getting people work, but I'm sure he wants to keep me with him a little longer.

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