Sunday, November 6, 2011

For perspective

Today was an in-service day at Religious School. We were getting together with teachers from across our metro area (although it took place in our building this year) in a few different sessions.

Afterwards, we met with our own school's faculty and had discussions about what we learned. The topic turned to who had whom as a student and what type of student they were. Next to me was a teacher that I had had, and I mentioned that I was a horrible student, always in trouble, always getting in fights, despite my work being good.

This teacher was one that I never would have described as a "nice" teacher. She is a nice person particularly now that I'm an adult, but my feelings about her then and now were, she doesn't have to be the nicest--she actually taught us things and made us take the time to practice prayers and texts so that we would know them.

Anyhow, she said that I was a wonderful student. Despite all of the issues, and maybe she didn't see them, or maybe it wasn't as my 10 year old miserable self remembers it...

So today I am thankful that with age comes maturity, perspective, and closure.

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