Sunday, November 6, 2011

For lifelong passions

This was supposed to be yesterday's entry but I got home late from round 3 of barbershoppy goodness after midnight (EDT).

Musical Daddy had an excellent first show with his chorus. The Boy came with, and was a joy. What a lovely bunch of people in this chorus. It's a great fit both ways. I wish I could sing with them, but of course, it's orchestra night.

The men's chorus he sang with previously had a show today, and I was able to catch the afterglow and do my favorite thing after a show, which is to find 3 other friends and sing one. Or three.

I love my orchestra. It's a high level performing group. And I love to be around barbershop singing. I would love to sing in a quartet again...eventually. Unless I find 3 others with daytime availability.

I am thankful for the positive culture of musical ensembles. I look forward to being a lifelong musician, both professionally and for the fun of it.

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