Friday, November 4, 2011

For the drive, and the reward

Odd day today. Mildly sick kids, rather sick husband, and me off at work substituting. So instead of the two older boys going off to school as they usually do on Fridays, they were home with Grandma and Aunt J. All day.

Meanwhile, I taught band and orchestra to classes full of hard-working and cooperative students. As a substitute teacher. I know that I should be teaching again; hopefully I will be. I certainly had an easier day at work than anyone had at our house.

But what was interesting to me was the amount of patience and tolerance I felt through most of the rest of the evening. It helped to have continued assistance with the baby so that I could build a 2-story block house (with outside slide of course) with The Boy and explore duplo tower possibilities with Meatball. What fun we had! They even cleaned up!

I did the Shabbat blessings with the boys and had dinner with them. Following dinner, we went outside for a bit. Meatball wasn't having it--he was cold and is still not quite feeling well yet.

Play-Doh is another mom activity around here. We did that too. I try to avoid TV when possible, and save viewing time with me for when I need them to sit down. And who really "needs" little kids to sit down?

Anyhow, today I am thankful for the gratification and joy that is present both when I teach and and when I do the domestic thing. Even when either of those things presents seemingly insurmountable. I'm glad to even have the potential for a teaching job.

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