Saturday, November 26, 2011

For breakfast, and for religious education

Double-post again. I can't imagine why I could be so distracted.

Last night I was watching a very funny movie with Musical Daddy, so there's my excuse. It's not a good one, but I really wanted to pay attention to the movie and laugh out loud with him instead of putzing around online at the same time.

Yesterday, Musical Daddy did have to go to work, but it was a late day for him. We got to go out for breakfast, and my father joined us.

Going out for breakfast has been one of our "things" for a long time. For parents who would like to teach their kids how to function at a restaurant, going for breakfast is a great start. Breakfast is usually served more quickly and in a less formal setting.

I remember going out to breakfast at Bagel Fragel in Ann Arbor; that's how far back our enjoyment of breakfast can be traced.

Anyhow, for yesterday and for the past several years, and years to come, I'm thankful for the tradition of breakfast out. I love to hear Little Bear say "Pancakes! Woo!"

Today, I was the "cantorial soloist" in the main service at our temple. Many Reform Jewish congregations do not have a single cantor (although the two congregations where I attended at various points in New Jersey both had cantors, with the second congregation being a place for student cantor placement) but instead have singers who do the job. And the weekend of Thanksgiving is one where the service isn't well attended and it might be challenging to find a person to sing. I'm not sure of their own religious backgrounds but I was able to do most of the service just from having grown up learning it. I got many compliments and was encouraged to participate again soon.

I am thankful for my Jewish education and for having had the opportunity to sing the service. I think of my husband's religious affiliation as musical-mercenary, meaning that he'll be whatever religion is currently paying him to sing. It was a pleasure to get to represent my own.

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