Saturday, January 30, 2010

Group Dynamic

Twice this week I have experienced the fall-out from rarely being able to go anywhere with The Boy. He just doesn't know how to behave in group settings or in large public places. I wouldn't say that he's bad or that his actions are anything other than age-appropriate, but he just isn't used to it.

I remember awhile ago, taking him to Story Time at a neighboring library, and realizing that he had no interest in what was going on. He wanted to look at the books and run around. Thankfully, I had friends there to watch the sleeping Meatball. They told me that I should bring him to stuff like this whenever I can, and he'd get used to it. Easier said than done.

On Friday, we went to the Jewish Community Center for the little kids' Shabbat. It was very cute--there were a few Shabbat songs and games, and then we lit the candles, had "wine" (it was actually apple juice) and challah. He had no interest in the songs and games--the event took place in a playroom and he was much more excited by toys with letters and numbers. I was glad, though, that when the facilitator said it was time to light candles, The Boy exclaimed, "candles!" and joined the group. He was happy to have the juice and challah as well.

Today, we went to a benefit concert, raising money for Haiti. The concert was quite good, and there were other kids there. Unfortunately, The Boy didn't actually stay to watch it. He did get to see instruments before the show, but once the show started, he had no desire to be an audience member. We had a backup plan--Daddy brought him to the car and got him set, and Grandpa took him home. Daddy and I actually got to watch a concert!

I suppose that The Boy will learn. Eventually. And we have to keep trying to bring him places like that, so that he gets the experiences.

Laundry beckons...


Sarah R said...

Andrew is the EXACT same way. I tried to go to a coming-home party for a friend of the family and Andrew ran the entire time. He went back into the kitchen area twice and was just naughty. I can't get him to sit and I ended up leaving 1/2 hour later with him kicking and screaming in my arms. He's not one to sit down and be quiet -- hopefully he'll get there soon. We don't take him out to eat AT ALL because we have learned our lesson.

I would say it's more an age/personality thing than it is anything else. Andrew and The Boy would be the only ones playing with letters during an Elmo concert! ;)

Rebecca said...

B does the same thing. It is quite frustrating, so I share your pain. I'm hoping that this phase ends soon. Although, I find that just as one bad habit ends, another begins. So, who knows. Good luck! :)

JC said...

Just keep trying. Eventually he will get used to it and if not, it is still good for all of you to get out of the house. I'm glad you are able to take him places, must mean his numbers are good. That is always something to be thankful for.