Monday, February 1, 2010

Chemo 16--not quite yet

The Boy went in for a pre-admission checkup, but his platelet count didn't pass muster at 86,000. His hemoglobin level, at 7.6, called for a transfusion, not because of the specific number but because he fell asleep in the middle of the examination.

Repeat counts on Wednesday (at home with nurse Mary Fran) and we'll see about an admission on Thursday. That's easier anyway, in that it means two of the hospital days are on the weekend, when no one is working.

Tomorrow, one of our cousins is coming over, along with my mom's favorite contractor (and a housekeeper as well). They are going to assess the house to see what they can implement, organization-wise, including structures to be built and items to be moved. And toys to be shelved.

My kids have a LOT of toys. I'd love to throw them out the window give some away, but I need to figure out which ones are not likely to be used by either boy, or which ones might be duplicates.

Now, to sort through the puzzle box. See you on the other side.


Sarah R said...

I hope he is able to have his chemo soon. I'll pray for his numbers to regulate. *hugs*

My hubby keeps saying he's going to take all of Andrew's toys to Goodwill (and really, there aren't that many -- they all fit in a single Rubbermaid tote) but I keep telling him "no" because the baby just might be the opposite of Andrew -- maybe she'll like toys; who knows.

Heather said...

Have fun with the puzzles. We have so many toys that I am going to request that NO toys be given to Audrey for her birthday. Books, puzzles, coloring books but no junky plastic toys please.

mommybird said...

I like to put about half the toys in storage for a while and then switch after a while. It's like Christmmas when we bring the other toys out.