Friday, February 12, 2010

Good, gross, and world-class awesome

The good: it's looking more and more like we are NOT looking at a kidney transplant for The Boy in the immediate future. His renal function seems to be about where it was before. He also had a parathyroid test which came out fine (not kidney function per se but still part of the whole system), and the most recent ultrasound of his kidney showed a pretty healthy looking kidney.

The gross: C-Diff. They're going to send him home on oral Flagyl and see how he does. He took it a few times already with no problem. They have a nice pharmacy there, where they do good medicine compounding.

World-class awesome: We signed the closing papers for the sale of our house today! It means that we don't need to make an extra trip and it means that we're selling the house. Very nice, that we don't have to keep on paying the mortgage. While we would eventually get the money back, we would quickly run out of money with which to pay it in the meantime.

We are currently in New Jersey. The Boy is still in PA with the grandparents, as he is still in the hospital. We have Meatball. He was great in the car! He seemed to enjoy listening to music and trying to sing along. He was grumpy grumpy in the house, which was cold, making us nervous about our dinner plans. We needn't have worried, as once he had food in front of him, he was happy. He had cucumbers as his appetizer and ate quite a bit of lamb for dinner. He enjoyed spoons as well.

There was another baby there, a little younger than Meatball. Poor parents didn't get the memo about Baby-Led Weaning and were taking turns eating while the other either held the kid or fed him rice cereal. Much less fun than our kid chowing down right there with us.

Anyhow, night-night time. Later.

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JC said...

Glad you all got to make the trip!