Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, complicating life.

We've mentioned that The Boy has been in the hospital since Monday morning, with Daddy. What has fallen to the background in terms of updates is the fact that we've had well over 2 feet of snow. The first storm was on Friday night into Saturday, and on Monday morning it was still difficult to get around. The second one began last night and is still going on. Blizzard warning in effect through 4 AM tomorrow.

What does this mean? Well, Musical Daddy has not left the hospital since he got there with The Boy. Good thing there's enough to eat and enough to do. Relatively speaking. It takes a long time to get to the hospital, which is only 3 miles from the house. The hospital has only sometimes had a full staff. I went to the hospital on Monday and Tuesday, and my parents were there last night.

Meatball has not left the house since Friday.

Yesterday was a better day, weather-wise. It still took a long time to get around, but it wasn't too bad, and Grandma was able to get to CostCo. Thank goodness, because it's crazy out there today. My dad went to a different office on Monday, went to his normal workplace yesterday, and today is working from home.

I miss The Boy. We all do.

We are supposed to leave on Friday to go to a wedding in New Jersey. They got snowed on twice too, but not like this. They did have school cancelled today in Central NJ, as per some of my friends and former students, who appeared to have spent the day on Facebook. Love you! Anyhow, we hope that we'll still be able to make it out there.

One of my friends just got off a plane, having come from Florida back home to Pittsburgh. I hope we'll get to see him. I also hope he gets home from the airport safely. It's crazy out there!

I was supposed to be working all week, as I mentioned. I haven't been. I even planned some lessons. I'm still not sure where the kids are in terms of the curriculum. I'd like to see the curriculum, if I'm going to be there for a long time. I still have to get there, though.

The city of Pittsburgh has really dropped the ball with the snow removal.

Snowstorms are a great opportunity for the conservatives among us to make the joke, "so much for global warming." Even conservative folks deserve a good laugh.

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JC said...

Laugh away. It does a body good! :p