Sunday, February 7, 2010

Didn't think I'd really need this stuff

I don't need it tomorrow, because we're snowed in and it's a "state of emergency" here in Pittsburgh.

But I'll need it this week.

"It" is the information from my Kodaly Certification Level I coursework. When I took this course in the summer of 2007, while pregnant with The Boy, I had no intention of using it. Not entirely true...I intended to use them for reference, as the district where I was working had a Kodaly-based general music curriculum with several Kodaly-certified instructors. The general music component in my previous district was excellent, and as an orchestra teacher, I was enthusiastic about it (and I did teach general music for a year as well). I took the Kodaly course to fill a spot in my graduate school schedule for a course that got cancelled multiple times. I simply HAD to finish my grad work before the birth of The Boy.

Why did I think I had less need for this information? Well, I was satisfied with my job teaching orchestra. More than satisfied--I was thrilled. I had a great program with great kids. I was to have the best schoolyear that following year, in fact. I had no intention of leaving that position.

Thank you, cancer.

But I am excited that I'm doing the music thing, even as a sub. I really can do just about anything.

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad you are able to use the kodaly stuff. Cancer does suck!!!

I took my Orff level one certification that same summer while I was pregnant with Abby.