Friday, February 26, 2010

Pile-on February

Snow total for Pittsburgh, PA in the month of February? 41.1 inches. And counting. This is now the 7th day in the month of February with a school cancellation in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. The second day where I was already on my way to work only to have them change their minds.

I've spent the entire school month in the same substitute teaching assignment. I need a bit of time to take care of various life business. I was in two schools, one of which I loved and wish I could stay there. The voices on these kids are fantastic, and the enthusiasm about singing is great. Remembering the great choral singing and spectacular productions that they used to put on in my previous teaching job, I could envision many of these kids in a similar situation.

In fact, one of the third graders looks and sounds like one of my favorite violinists, whom I taught in grades 4-6. She is now in 8th grade, and she has a doppelganger in the Hill District.

This chemo cycle was really easy for The Boy. Of course, he only got 40% Etoposide and 50% Cyclophosphamide, so we're almost at the point where the chemo is only annoying and isn't actually strong enough to affect potential cancer.

He may very well end up getting a higher dose next week, although he's supposed to get Carboplatin along with the Etoposide.

So we see.

The Boy knows how to change DVD's in the players. He also knows how to say "Where are you?" about people and things.

Meatball crawled a few paces toward the computer. He also eats oatmeal, partly with a spoon and partly as finger food. What, you didn't know that oatmeal was a finger food?

I have been instructed to get out of my work clothing and into some PJ's.


JC said...

enjoy your day off from school!

mommybird said...

Oatmeal is a fabulous finger food, as long as your table or high chair isn't over carpet;) Sounds like things are going pretty well, I've been wondering about you for a while.