Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Should we stay or should we go?

The question applies to me, and to Meatball.

I'm doing my first Pittsburgh Public Schools sub job. I don't want to say anything that shouldn't be said on this forum. It's a music job, and I figured that with the guy knowing that he'd be out for the week (working only from the info on the sub website), I thought that he'd have plans that could be implemented. No dice. I have since discovered that the gentleman has been out for a few weeks. After being thoroughly pwned yesterday, I went through my Kodaly stuff last night to find songs and games and such so that I could start to get some music going in the room. Today was much better.

I mentioned to the secretary at one of the schools (it is a split assignment) that I had a better day because I made plans, knowing that I didn't have any from which to work. Her response? "Maybe you can turn some in for next week, then." She said that she hasn't received any indication that the teacher would be back and that could plan to keep the sub position. I said that I'd have to see, because I have a sick 2-year-old.

I wonder...could I actually manage to land a long-term job? Or a real job? We shall see.

As for Meatball, we are invited to a wedding next weekend in NJ and we're trying to decide what to do. The Boy can't travel with us, because he'll have low counts (or might still be in the hospital, for that matter). If we take Meatball, it's easier on him. He's fine with bottles but still not as accustomed to them. Bringing him means a bottle or two while someone else watches him (and we don't know yet who would be the one); not bringing him means a day and a half of bottles and someone else having to do the overnight with him, not to mention the fact that I'd have to bring a cooler and a whole slew of milk storage things. I also have to ensure that there is enough milk in the freezer.

Aunt Jeanne said that she'd come and stay over. Weather might be okay for Meatball walks.

So...we'll see.

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JC said...

Glad you are getting to sub for a music class. Sounds perfect for you. Enjoy!