Friday, January 22, 2010

Family movie night

First we tried Beauty and the Beast, in bed, with popcorn. We got up to the part where Belle agreed to stay in place of her father, and then The Boy got bored.

Downstairs, where Grandpa was eating ice cream. We all had ice cream--I even bought chocolate syrup.

Now we're watching Finding Nemo. The Boy is amused; he laughs at some of the slapstick stuff and even said "silly fish" at the beginning of the movie. And he just said it again.

He is wandering a bit and playing at the table, not necessarily paying full attention, but he rarely does.

We have watched Tubby the Tuba a few times over the past two weeks. If I haven't mentioned it on this blog, that's his new favorite movie. He loves it! Of course, he enjoys the instruments and the elephants.

This week at home has been pretty good. The Boy is doing fairly well, all things considered. We have to be on top of things with the Zofran. Yesterday, everything stayed down, and he actually ate quite a bit. Meatball was eating avocado, and The Boy wanted some too. Avocado is something that we removed from his diet due to high potassium content after his visit to the ICU last May. However, since The Boy has pretty much stopped eating vegetables and fruits, save for the occasional honey delivery system apple, we let him have some. He enjoyed it. I'm thinking, guacamole--heavy on the sour cream, light on the avocado.

Right now we're still on the way down with the white count. Happily, we're still okay on reds and platelets. Possibly next week he might require a platelet transfusion. His hemoglobin was above 10 yesterday. Hopefully by the middle of next week, he'll be good to go.

I'd like to hit Pittsburgh Mills with him next week, once we get some good white counts. They have a cute little indoor playground, and he likes going for stroller rides in general, so we could get some nice walking in as well.

Meatball is fantastic. And very sweet. Last night, he slept from about 12 to 7. Still not a huge fan of the snuggling, or the bed-sharing, so when he is up a lot, I'm up a lot. And bouncing back and forth from our room to his. Not being too bound by time, it doesn't bother me much.

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Heather said...

Family movie nights are awesome. Too bad Audrey's attentions span is 5.2 seconds when it comes to watching anything other than ELMO.

It sounds like things are going pretty well there. Glad to hear it.